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Understanding the Industrialization.

PAM projectes attended the conference “Understanding the industrialization of Catalonia” by Llorenç Ferrer doctor and professor of Contemporary History at the UB Organized by CEB (Centro de Estudios del Bages) within days of Bages Knowing factories.

The conference will help us understand how apears the many industrial colonies in Catalonia. We believe that understanding the circumstances and conditions in which they were created, we can assist in revitalization projects, industrial redevelopment and rehabilitation of these great elements of our heritage that we find today semi-abandoned.

If we understand that perhaps the conditions that these factories offered their workers could be designed to make your work more comfortable, we could think about how we play today or update this model.

Perhaps the re-establishment of new activity in this environment must be accompanied, not traditional industrial activity, but there is much more to offer. Need housing, offices, workshops, coworking spaces, free or common … must offer good working conditions and enable a good quality of life.

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